Cultural E-Competencies


WPs and Results

An Erasmus+ project is often structured into different activities and phases, and work packages are a tool to organize and manage these activities effectively. Each work package have a designated leader and a set of specific tasks to be completed within a defined time frame.

Work packages allow for the division of work into multiple stages and focus on achieving specific outcomes to ensure efficient project management and the attainment of predefined objectives.

Work packages

WP I – Project Management 

The strategy and the monitoring to achieve the goal, step by step and in a calculated and flexible way.


WP II – Investigation 

Awareness, knowledge and curiosity. The hard core of the construction of the new “culture builder” figure.


WP III – Creation 

A new model for the development of creative and interdisciplinary skills to be transferred to the new generations through the construction and enhancement of the heritage at 360 °

WP IV – Digitization 

Virtual environment for real, varied and in-depth learning

WP V – Communication 

Preparation and execution of the communication plan and preparation of information material.


December 04, 2022 – May 04, 2023

Activities and Results:

Definition of the concept of “Culture builder”:

  1. Common methodology for the collection of integrated data and functional to the recognition of skills related to the enhancement of culture, education, science and innovation in order to transform the promise of the European Green strategy as a concrete growth and improvement for everyday life;
  2. Trace of the interview/questionnaire.


E-competencies_Trace of the interview


Choice and identification of groups of community citizens and analysis of needs and requirements according to the desire to become “builders of culture” with a strong social impact on the community:

  1. Report on know-how, on the needs and requirements of adults;
  2. Identikit of the figure of “cultur builder”.


Report on know-how, needs and requirements of culture builder



May 04, 2023 – January 04, 2024

Activities and Results:

Analysis of good practices collected by the Partners and identification of the macro-themes:

  1. Partner documents.
Structuring of the new open air e-competences e-learning model for the development of creative and interdisciplinary skills:
  1. Skills development model;
  2. Toolkit structure of the first course of the builders of culture.


Structure of new open air e-competences model


February 04, 2024 – December 04, 2024

Activities and Results:

Open air platform:

  1. Website;
  2. E-learning platform;
  3. Social page;
  4. Community of virtual practices.

Pilot testing of the model:

  1. Analysis and evaluation reports of the trial data, interviews and focus groups;
  2. Joint report on WP IV.


December 04, 2022 – October 31, 2025

Main Results:

preparation and execution of the communication plan and realization of the Open Air Center:

  1. logo;
  2. graphic format of the documents;
  3. information material;
  4. brocures;
  5. leaflets;
  6. graphic packagic of the interim and final report;
  7. Partners’ meeting;
  8. community of practices (Open air center) with the aim of developing the soft skills of adults, citizens,
    educating about aesthetics, culture, respect for other cultures, including others and sharing different knowledge. By participating in the Open air center, adults (Builders of culture) will be able to put into practice the concepts learned during the training activities.


N. 3 multiplier events planned with the participation of 60 local and 20 foreign guests for each event:

  1. 1st ME in Czech Republic, organized by ITM (October 2023);
  2. 2nd ME in Slovakia, organized by Nike (October 2024);
  3. 3rd ME in Italy, organized by Gnessi Teresa Group (October 2025)

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