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Gnessi Teresa Group 
Gnessi Teresa Group is a company that operates in the meat trade sector in the collective catering market and retail sales in its own points of sale, with interesting ideas in the commercial catering market. The company was born from a collective feeling of rediscovering the ancient values of healthy eating and the sustainability of the territory. All this translates into a project that Gnessi Teresa Group srl has been carrying out for 30 years and which in the last two years has led to the creation of a consortium with the aim of creating an increasingly collective project useful for enhancing the culture and peculiarities of territories.
NIKE analysis & research 
NIKE was founded with one simple aim – to provide businesses with market insights and analysis in order to determine the viability of their new product based on research conducted directly with potential customers. Among our market research techniques are surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation. These enable intelligent decision-making to achieve the best possible results and extraordinary revenues. Besides providing our clients with the most suitable services, we also aim to make a difference on an international scale. By participating in various EU projects (including Interreg and Erasmus+), we want to contribute to digitalization where it is desirable in order to provide smoother governance. Among our goals is also to help create more eco-friendly solutions for businesses and municipalities.
ITM is a versatile company that combines years of experience in the sector with new progressive technologies. Our staff possesses the highest education in the fields of tourism and finance as well as experience in content creation and PR and marketing activities. We are oriented both economically and culturally while taking into consideration the human and environmental factors. Our organization structure allows us to perform diligent research and development while paying attention to both financial and scientific side of the project. We shape the project ideas based on systematic analysis of their needs and aspects.
LIM company was founded in 2008 and employs a team of consultants who have gained significant experience in consulting, training and problem solving. the added value of the staff,given by the knowledge of both public and private realities, allows us to examine in a more fitting way the problems that may arise from time to time. therefore, lim does not simply provide consulting services or training courses but complete solutions through which to optimize, implement and develop work processes within the company.

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