Cultural E- competencies


The “Digital Cultural Competencies in the Open Air” project aims to develop new methods and tools to promote cross-cutting skills among all adults living in a specific territory. This is achieved through the use of digital technologies to enhance the historical, cultural, and environmental heritage. The main focus is on developing skills related to digital reconstructions, augmented reality, and the creation of what is called the “Open Air Museum of Culture Builders.”
Specifically, the key objectives of the project include:
Create Relationships and Share Knowledge: Promote collaboration among individuals and communities, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and interaction among people from diverse backgrounds.
Develop Skills for Cultural Innovation: Provide adults with the necessary skills to generate innovation in the field of culture through the digital transformation process, which includes the use of advanced digital technologies such as augmented reality.
Green and Digital Shift in Cultural Creation: Integrate concepts of environmental and digital sustainability into cultural creation.
Become “Culture Builders” with Strong Social Impact: Give adults the opportunity to become key actors in cultural creation, contributing significantly to the well-being of the community and its cultural identity.
Stimulate Long-term Reflection on Belonging and Cultural Heritage: Promote a deeper understanding of the connection between people, nature, and cultural heritage, encouraging lasting reflection on these themes.
Enrich the Area through Inspiration from Art and Culture: Use art and culture as a source of inspiration to improve and enrich the environment and the quality of life in the area involved in the project.
Promote Inclusive Dialogue Among Cultures, Disciplines, Genders, and Ages: Promote social and cultural inclusion through open dialogue and interaction among diverse cultures, disciplines, genders, and age groups.

Why is it so important?

Cultural Innovation: The project allows for the exploration of new cultural spaces using technology, such as augmented reality, to create new forms of culture and art.
Local, National, and European Network: A network of connections will be established, enabling the exchange of ideas and projects with other communities.
The overall goal is to encourage reflection on the sense of belonging while drawing inspiration from art and culture.

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