Cultural E- competencies

Sustainability and Replicability

The project’s main objective is the transfer and promotion of the fundamental values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity.
These values will be incorporated into a new concept of an open-air skills museum, which will develop based on the experiences and stories of people.
The key to the success of this project lies in its ability to endure over time. The project will not be exhausted after a limited period but will constantly evolve, adapting to changing needs and challenges.
The project will have the ability to grow and expand, involving more and more people and resources.
The Open Air platform will provide a space where individuals from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds can share knowledge, ideas, and experiences. This will foster the creation of an innovative network that will be an important resource for interdisciplinary education and information.
In conclusion, this ambitious project aims to transform the values of sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusivity into a tangible reality, harnessing the creativity of people, the stories of territories, and global connectivity to make this shared heritage a benefit for the entire world.

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