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Transnational Project Meetings

The Transnational Project Meetings (TPMs) aim to share progress, strengths, and challenges, verifying adherence to the agreed-upon plan. Both face-to-face and virtual meetings will be organized to facilitate collaboration and boost enthusiasm.

During each TPM, an analysis of the project’s situation will be conducted, allowing for any necessary adjustments and changes. All gathered information, including documents, recommendations, and suggestions, will be utilized to continuously monitor the scientific and financial implementation status.

Additionally, internal and external investigations will be carried out to assess the project’s excellence and motivate the involved resources.

TPMs timetable and status

1 TPM Virtual – Kick-off Meeting

December 19, 2022

Parters’ representatives presentation, project content and first steps (WP1 and WP2)

2 TPM Virtual – Interim Meeting

April 05, 2023

WP2 evaluation and next steps, WP3 overview, next steps of WP5

3 TPM in presence in ITALY (Rome)

July 24-25, 2023

WP2 results validation, WP3 next activities, ME1 in CZ and steps of WP5

4 TPM Virtual – Interim Meeting

November 15, 2023

WP3 evaluation, Interim report and WP5

5 TPM in presence in CZECH REPUBLIC (Praha)

March 04-05, 2024

WP3 validation, starting of WP4, WP5

6 TPM Virtual – Interim Meeting

July 10, 2024

WP4 evaluation, pilot testing of the module, organization of interviews and focus groups, ME2 in SK and WP5

7 TPM Virtual – Interim Meeting

December 02, 2024

WP4 feedback analysis, review of the model and WP5

8 TPM in presence in SLOVAKIA (Košice)

May 19-20, 2025

Review of the model evaluation and validation, WP1, WP5, ME3 in IT and Final Report

9 TPM in presence in ITALY (Nettuno)

October 16-17, 2025

WP5, last review of the model and Final Report

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