Cultural E- competencies

Project Events

The project revolves around various spheres of interest: culture, environmental sustainability, digitalization, the promotion of sustainability, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, education, innovation, territory enhancement, and sharing. 

At the heart of this project is a technological and innovative approach to education. Technology offers new avenues for learning and skill acquisition, enabling more accessible and flexible training for a broader audience.

Furthermore, the project is committed to the construction and enrichment of heritage in all its facets: culture, history, art, social and humanistic aspects, with a special emphasis on enogastronomy. 

A key element is the creation, development, and promotion of a new professional figure that has a significant social impact on the community. This professional is capable of facilitating dialogue between different generations and cultures, promoting mutual understanding and social integration. Additionally, this figure can harness technology in an innovative way to achieve these objectives.

Work packages

WP I – Project Management 

The strategy and the monitoring to achieve the goal, step by step and in a calculated and flexible way.


WP II – Investigation 

Awareness, knowledge and curiosity. The hard core of the construction of the new “culture builder” figure.


WP III – Creation 

A new model for the development of creative and interdisciplinary skills to be transferred to the new generations through the construction and enhancement of the heritage at 360 °

WP IV – Digitization 

Virtual environment for real, varied and in-depth learning

WP V – Communication 

Preparation and execution of the communication plan and preparation of information material.

Multiplier Events

The multiplier events are aimed at disseminating project knowledge and promoting initiatives

ME 1 Sept. 04-05, 2023 Czech Republic  ITM GROUP

ME 2 Oct. 01-02, 2024 Slovakia NIKE

ME 3 Sept.15-16, 2025 Italy GNESSI

TPM in presence

TPM 1 July 24 – 25, 2023 Italy LIM 

TPM 2 Mar. 04-05, 2024 Czech Republic ITM GROUP

TPM 3 May 19-20, 2025 Slovakia NIKE

TPM 4 Oct.16-17, 2025 Italy GNESSI

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