Cultural E-Competencies


Sustainability and Replicability

The purpose and the objectives that the INTRA project wants to achieve fall within the science of sustainability, understood as one of the most important scientific-cultral areas in the field of international scientific research because it focuses on people and the relationships they undertake in a social evolutionary perspective, cultural, economic.

The science of sustainability develops by combining an analytical-descriptive aspect based on a transdisciplinary approach and an “innovative” function, aimed at finding practical solutions to problems concerning lifelong learning for adults.

Education and training therefore play a fundamental role in the process of transition towards sustainability, only when the latter becomes an integral part of the permanent training path.

In particular, the creation of the smart platform, the digital counselor and the certification of formal, non-formal and informal skills with blockchain will contribute in the coming years to the achievement of sustainability through the skills and knowledgre that end users will learn and be able to put pratically. For this reason, education for sustainable development is a central theme in the INTRA project. 




The project foresees three multiplier events in the three partner counties:




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