Cultural E-Competencies



The Cultural e-competencies in open air project aims to create new methods and tools for the developmengt of transversal skills to be transferred to all aduts lving in a territory, throungh the digital enhancement of the historical cultural and environmental heritage. 

A green and digital turning point in “cresting culture” throungh the development of skills related to the use of digital reconstruction, augmented reality and the development of the concept of the ” Open Air Museum of Culture”. that is, those places that digitally interconnected and physically different territories. 

During the project, we will try to create a synergy with the European organizations for digital education, precisely to feed the collection of good practices and support intersectorial collaboration for the exchange of digital educational content, guaranteeing accessibility and quality of processand products. 

Specifically, through this project, we intend to develop a training concept which, through the exchange of good practices with partners, creates an e-learning model for the development of creative and interdisciplinary skills, structuring the first course of “Constructors of the culture at open air”. 

The intention is to give the structure of the training macro-contents, the identificton of basic an advanced digital skills, the grounding of these skills in daily life and the consequent active participation of the “Builders of culture” in democratic European life. 

Through digital support, it become strategic to think about how to trasform a natural and environmental habitat into a digital cultural format that, with the help of augmented reality and enabling technologies, creates know-how to generate new culture. 



In particular the objectives are

Create relationship and share knowledge

Develop skills capable of creating innovation in culture through a process of digital transformation

Give a green and digital turn in reating culture.

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