Cultural E-Competencies


Project Code: KA220-ADU-00680805


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The project develop skills capable of creating innovation in culture through the use of enabling technologies in a digital transformation process. As in a traditional outdoor museum, we want to educate aesthetic taste, art knowledge, share different artistic cultures, and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. We are going to achieve this through the creation of a new figure, that of the “culture builder”, and a highly technological, skillful and performing training model aimed at enhancing the beneficiaries’ competencies in this perspective.

In which way? With passion, expertise and collaboration.

Cultural buider





“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas

Areas of interest and Opportunities

The project's areas of interest range from culture to green, from digitization to sustainability to crate an intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. Other sectors affected by "E-competences" are training, innovation, the enhancement of the territory, socialization and development of transversal skills. The opportunities that the project offers to users are:
- an innovative and technological approach to training,
- the construction and enhancement of the heritage at 360°(cultural, historical, artistic, social, humanistic, food and wine)
- the creation, development and promotion of a new figure with a strong social impact on the community.


Before Dec 04.2022
and until deadline - WP1

December 04.2022 - start of the project

Dec. 04.2022 - May 04.2023 - WP2

Feb. 04.2024 - Dec. 04.2024 - WP4

May 04.2023 - Jan 04.2024 - WP3

October 31. 2025 - end of the project


4 virtual TPM

4 TPM in presence

3 Multiplier events

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