Cultural E-Competencies


Works Packages

WP I – Project Management 

The strategy and the monitoring to achieve the goal, step by step and in a calculated and flexible way.


WP II – Investigation 

Awareness, knowledge and curiosity. The hard core of the construction of the new “culture builder” figure.

WP III – Creation 

A new model for the development of creative and interdisciplinary skills to be transferred to the new generations through the construction and enhancement of the heritage at 360 °

WP IV – Digitization 

Virtual environment for real, varied and in-depth learning

WP V – Communication 

Preparation and execution of the communication plan and preparation of information material.


1 Common methodology for identifying competencies related to the enhancement of culture, education, science and innovation. 

2 Interview/questionnaire track. 

3 Report on the know-how, needs and requirements of the “culture builder”. 



skills development model: analysis of best practices collected by partners and identification of the training macro-themes of the new model, which, through creative and interdisciplinary content, will enable target groups to strengthen their knowledge and learn the use of techniques related to the exploitation of technologies for the creation of the new open-air museum experience


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