Cultural E-Competencies


... in particular

Intra conveys research and methodological development.  Will be involved with different roles the researchers of all three partners (Italy, Romania and Poland), who will analyze the state of the art of the project focusing on adult education, certification of skills, digitization, information and communication technologies. The project analyzes the situation of this phenomenon and the level of development reached by the methods, tools and national regulations. Each partner will write analytical reports and subsequently a common report with the help of SWOT analysis.

Will be created an innovative model of training of adults and a new type of skills, thanks to the development of a retraining path called “the electronic path of well-being”. To support users within the platfor, will be created the figure of a digital counselor and will be studied  the blockchain technology for the certification of formal, non formal and informal skills. Above all, will be involved in the project a group of adults from disadvantaged and will be created a retraining path to improve the quality of education. Finally will be also organized seminars and workshop.